Money Talks Scarlett - Off season

Money Talks Scarlett - Off season

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Episode: Money Talks Off season

Welcome once again to Money Talks annual spring break coverage. This week we travel down to wild and crazy Mexico in search of some hot spring break action. First up we convince a hot little blond with a perfect little rack to get licked up and down and become our very own human body shot. Then we do the unthinkable... We actually found a spring breaker crazy enough to stick a smoking hot chile habanero in his butt and then eat it. Too bad he didnt know that Havoc bit the tip off before she shoved it in there. After that we have a no holds barred full contact game of topless football. For our last stunt we actually ran into a loyal Money Talks viewer who was willing to do basically anything for money, and who are we to disappoint a true fan. So we had him get on all fours and Havoc kicked him in his huevos. We love running hilarious bits here on the show but a spring break update wouldnt be complete if we didnt find at least one smoking hot college coed willing to take things to the next level. Her name is Scarlett and she made our entire trip worth while. Everything you are about to watch is completely real. Enjoy.

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Everyone just knows that money definately talks and this site proves it with this episode with Money Talks Scarlett. The Money Talks crew head out on the town to find people to buy and it's not long before they've got people doing the craziest stuff all by flashing some green in their faces. They call this one Money Talks Off season and you can figure out why. Of course we're all about the porn so we want more of Money Talks Scarlett and the hardcore fucking and sucking that she gets into and you can be sure that with the green in her pocket, Money Talks Scarlett definatly does! Episode Money Talks Off season definatly proves once again that everyone has a price and that if the price is right, you can get them to do practically anything you want! But even with all the hillarious stuff that goes on in Money Talks Off season, it's the hardcore porn action of Money Talks Scarlett that really makes this episode a winner and worth getting your own Money Talks password and then downloading the video to your computer.