Money Talks Tiffany - Full service salon

Money Talks Tiffany - Full service salon

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Episode: Money Talks Full service salon

Can you guess what the all mighty benjamins delivered this week for your viewing then let me help you. We have some assalicious hot chicks naked in broad daylight who get painted for a graff mural. Random girls flashing tits and thongs .Vagina suction cups puffing up some pussy lips. A man balancing a banana on his dick while a cowboy with a whip attempts to ... damn hurts to much to even say it. My girl molly hooked up with a hottie from a salon, she creamed all over her mouth and then called in rob to fuck the girl. Some insane dude tea bagged a couple of geckos, lets just say there was blood, guts and glory. Check out the flick to see what else people did for the dirty cash.

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Everyone just knows that money definately talks and this site proves it with this episode with Money Talks Tiffany. The Money Talks crew head out on the town to find people to buy and it's not long before they've got people doing the craziest stuff all by flashing some green in their faces. They call this one Money Talks Full service salon and you can figure out why. Of course we're all about the porn so we want more of Money Talks Tiffany and the hardcore fucking and sucking that she gets into and you can be sure that with the green in her pocket, Money Talks Tiffany definatly does! Episode Money Talks Full service salon definatly proves once again that everyone has a price and that if the price is right, you can get them to do practically anything you want! But even with all the hillarious stuff that goes on in Money Talks Full service salon, it's the hardcore porn action of Money Talks Tiffany that really makes this episode a winner and worth getting your own Money Talks password and then downloading the video to your computer.